A New Painting

The story about this painting done by Gooby is unique.  It seems that prior to the party held in Mary's honor, Sandra had a dream in which her mother told that she liked both paintings that Gooby was doing - especially the one with water colors.  We knew that Gooby was doing something for the memoriam cards, but no one knew of a second painting.  Sandy called Gooby and he confirmed that he was working on two paintings. 

While visiting San Francisco with Mary's sister, Martha, her husband Robert and daughter Karen. I saw the painting shown below.  When Sandy saw it, she told me that now she understood the term water colors - she had thought water paint and know understood the background represented water.  Mary always loved the water.

So here is the unfinished painting.  I don't know what more that Gooby will do, but it will get a frame.