Agradecimientos  (Thanks)



I am searching for the proper words to express my feelings at this moment.  My English is failing me and I think the Spanish word agradecer best expresses my feelings.  I hope that I can properly express my thoughts. 


I would like to thank everyone who helped make Mary's "last party- Viva la Fiesta" a success.  My first thanks goes to my children who have helped me cope, have helped in the production of the "Tribute Page", and have helped in the planning and successful outcome of "Viva la Fiesta". The handout provided by Gooby was a very pleasant surprise and a big improvement over what I was planning. Thanks also to those who attended as invited guests and those family and friends who helped directly with the organization, food and clean up.  When I realized that the party was winding down, many people, especially my wife's family, had returned the house to what it looked like that morning.

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to talk with each of you about Mary (and I am sorry that I was not always available to express my gratitude as you left).  Parts of the evening are still a blur - it went by so fast for me. I hope that you got a chance to share Mary's spirit with old friends and new acquaintances as well.  It was always Mary's intent to help spread understanding of diverse cultures to as many as she could.  I think she would have been very pleased with her party.

If you did not get the Spirit of Mary Remembrance photo, you should be able to download it from the link (by right clicking on the word Spirit and selecting Save Target As) on Mary's Tribute Page. or by right clicking on the photo itself and selecting Save Picture As.

To those who wanted to come but couldn't because of other commitments, I would like to let you know that I realize that you kept Mary in your hearts and minds even if you couldn't be here.

With the very successful party honoring the spirit of Mary over, there is a partial closure. I hope that closure for all of us will be complete at the end of May when  we take Mary's ashes to Barcelona, Spain and spread them at sea . 

A last thanks to all who have donated to Mary's (our) favorites.  San Diego Hospice six donors, San Elijo Lagoon a total of $800, and to the House of Spain $330.  I also plan to donate a bench to the lagoon conservancy after we return from Spain.