'68 Lago de la Cocha- Honeymoon '05 Mary & Colombian winner in Avila '03 Barcelona '68 Mary on church grounds '06 with Norma L - batalla de SD '06 with friends- Batalla de SD '06 Mary and Pedro '06 Mary in Picos de Europa '68 Mary & Henry on El Cristo Rey Monument '06 at Bushkill falls-  PA '04 with brother Edgar at the  Getty museum in LA HOS groundbreaking '05 somewhere on Hwy 1 in ca. '04 in grand canyon '06 with SDSU Professor O'Brien '06 Batalla de SD '04- Ponderosa Ranch- Lake Tahoe '04 with brother Edgar-Lake Tahoe '04 with brother at Valley of Fire - Las Vegas '06 in Galicia '05 with her sister and her husband '68 honeymoon - Chalet Guamuez '81 House of Colombia dance '81 Colombian dances '69 Mary's balcony House of Spain groundbreaking '68  a pretty face -paseo '68 on an outing '03 Madrid family_pic01 '06 Niagara 04 Valley of Fire - Las Vegas '66 with Peace corp friends and family '05 in the Pyranees '03 with Regla's sister in Sevilla '05 in Santiago '06 trip to Alcatraz with family '68 Honeymoon -Tulcan, Equador ' 73 Wild animal park with daughters Monica and Sandra wedding day photo Latin film festival Studio_Pose03 Studio_Pose01 Studio_Pose04 Studio_Pose05 funny_face Curulao_01 Curulao_02 blue_dress img015 family_01 img014 mary y maiiachi312 Xochilmilco3 MEX7 DSCN0092 c-chapul c-pyram Ast-PL494 Avila153 Segovia-Pr16 mMad-Pr-12 Bar-Pr-8 Bar-Pr-14 Gran-Pr2 Galicia265 Santiago375 MiAmor544 Bilbao543 Bel Mary orchid 2 Bel Tulips c-pyr-132 DSCN0008 Picos430 DSCN0037 c-Niag M-HH47 mirage farm1 DSCN0219 DSCN0220 LP08 mary y pedro img017 mary7 Jazzercize01